We are inclusive

We want people with disabilities to be able to visit the Theater Spektakel and to attend performances, eat, drink and meet with friends without encountering any barriers and obstacles. We are not quite there yet, but things are moving forward. We are especially pleased with the implementation of several measures this year which will facilitate overall accessibility for disabled visitors. This has been made possible due to valuable input of our inclusion advisory board as well as generous support of the foundation «Denk an mich», who chose our festival as one of their jubilee projects in 2018. Productions with inclusive offers are specifically denoted in the pro- gramme. The following is a short overview of our measures for inclusivity.

For visually-impaired

Tactile models


Performances with audiodescription

Audiodescription via MobilConnect App. Download see column right.

- La Re-­Sentida: Paisajes para no colorear

- Stefan Kaegi/Rimini Protokoll: Granma. Metales de Cuba

Performances with spoken surtitles

The spoken surtitlescan be received via MobilConnect App. Download see column right.

- La Re-­Sentida: Paisajes para no colorear

- Stefan Kaegi/Rimini Protokoll: Granma. Metales de Cuba

- Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms: We All Know What's Happening

For the hearing-impaired

The sound at the venues Werft, Süd and Nord is amplified by induction loops for the hearing-impaired and a great number of theater performances in foreign languages have German and/or English surtitles.

Performances with descriptive surtitles

La Re-Sentida: Paisajes para no colorear. all performances

Samara Hersch & Lara Thoms: We All Know What's Happening, all performances

Performances, translated into sign language (German)

- Kolypan: Die unendliche Geschichte, Sat 31/8 and Sun 1/9

For people with restricted mobility

The entire festival site as well as all venues, restaurants and bars are accessible for people with restricted mobility. All venues are equipped with wheelchair places which can be booked in advance on phone 044 415 15 50 or contact@theaterspektakel.dont-want-spam.ch. If possible, this will be also the case for the performances of Boris Charmatz’ project «Un essai à ciel ouvert»), which will take place open-air on the Landiwiese.

Additionally, there are three disabled restrooms – two of them with Euro-Key (near open-air stage Zentral) providing appropriate sanitary facilities for people with special needs.

If you'd like to travel with the Theater Spektakel Boat, please make a reservation for assistance at least 24 hours before departure on phone 044 487 13 34. 

Assisting people

The tickets for assistants to people with disabilities are free of charge. They need to be reserved in advance by phone 044 415 15 50 or contact@theaterspektakel.dont-want-spam.ch and can be picked up at the Landiwiese box office, desk for special tickets.

Workshop «Change of Perspectives»

In collaboration with the members of our inclusion advisory board and the experts of Sensability, a workshop will take place under the heading «Change of perspectives» on Sunday 25 August from 14 to 17 hrs. Participants are given the opportunity to experience first-hand what it means to deal with hearing, visual and mobility restrictions.

Detailed programme (in German only)

Registration until 12 august 2019 here

Programme information

The website of the Theater Spektakel is accessible to visually impared people.

Mobile Connect App

The visually-impaireds benefit from performances with audio description and spoken surtitles via MobileConnect App.  The App can be downloaded free of charge here.
Short description:

  1. Download the app
  2. Log in to WLAN "MobileConnect WLAN ZTS"
  3. Start app
  4. Choose channel (1audio description, 2 translation), you will see a blue bullet at the chosen channel
  5. Put on headphones and listen to the test music