Terrain | Boris Charmatz

Symposium: An Architecture of Bodies

Philip Ursprung
Tim Etchells
Boris Charmatz
Malika Khatir
Boris Ondreička
Richard Sennett
Philip Ursprung
Helmut Vogt
Germaine Acogny
Françoise Crémel

Following the Musée de la danse in Rennes, Boris Charmatz has now founded «Terrain» together with long-standing kindred spirits in order to work on the vision of a new art space: radically ecological and without the need for a permanent building. He has an architecture of bodies in mind: Art under the open sky in an urban environment, a green urban space for art. The Theater Spektakel as a festival of temporary buildings is the ideal testing ground for a first attempt. Together with Boris Charmatz, artists as well as experts of art history, landscape architecture and sociology will reflect on a new institution for the performing arts in the 21st century. (mvh)


14.00 hrs
Malika Khatir reads ≪Oh Wildnis, oh Schutz vor ihr≫ by Elfriede Jelinek
Boris Charmatz Introduction
Philip Ursprung Terrain vague: Art, Architecture and Performance
Boris Ondreička Traffic and the ecologies of future institutions
Talk Boris Ondreička, Philip Ursprung and Boris Charmatz

16.30 hrs
Francoise Cremel Pratiques de Terrain
Germaine Acogny & Helmut Vogt Mission and Fragility of the École des sables
Talk Françoise Crémel, Germaine Acogny & Helmut Vogt and Boris Charmatz

18.00 hrs
Public Warm-up with Germaine Acogny

20.00 hrs
Richard Sennett The Stage and the Street
Talk Richard Sennett, Boris Charmatz and Matthias von Hartz
Tim Etchells performs his text ≪Giving Voice to the Wind≫


FotosAntoine Tempé (Germaine Acogny, Helmut Vogt), Duncan Eliott (Boris Charmatz), Boleslav Boska (Boris Ondreička), Thomas Struth (Richard Sennett), ETH Zürich/ Peter Rüegg (Philip Ursprung), Chris Saunders
(Tim Etchells)

Terrain | Boris Charmatz

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  • Fr 23.08. 14:00 - 18:45
    mit Boris Charmatz, Philip Ursprung, Françoise Crémel, Boris Ondreička, Germaine Acogny, Malika Khatir
    Admission free 
  • Fr 23.08. 20:00 - 21:30
    mit Richard Sennett, Tim Etchells, Boris Charmatz
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