House of Mixed Emotions


Germany  / Italy  / Switzerland  / France  / USA

For the second edition of «Interzona», the House of Mixed Emotions again presents artists with a wide range of performing experience of electronic music and visual art. Lafawndah has expertise in various fields: song, sound, origin, belonging − nothing is unequivocal with her. The work of Mara Oscar Cassiani focuses on contemporary icons. This Italian performer and choreographer demonstrates with constructed images how perception and reality are seemingly incompatible. The sound productions and performances of Swiss visual artist Martina Lussi investigate the relationship between performer and audience as well as the equivalence of different sounds. Finally, Evol heats the aesthetics of rave, especially acid, until they liquify. (rb)

Rote Fabrik, Clubraum


Süd 20.30 hrs
Lafawndah, Tobias Koch & Thibault Lac 
Rote Fabrik, Clubraum 23.00 hrs
Mara Oscar Cassiani, Martina Lussi, Evol, Yanling, Kazimir, R.A.T.



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