Terrain | Boris Charmatz


For children and families

For Boris Charmatz, dance is not just art. It is also exuberance, joy of movement and experimenting with new forms of «choreographic gatherings» in public spaces. This implies that each evening performance starts with a public warm-up. This offer also includes three workshops, one for professionals, one for amateurs and one for children. They take place during the third week of «Un essai à ciel ouvert» and culminate in a joint public workshop performance. Take this opportunity and join in! (esc)


InspizienzFabrice Le Fur
FotosMarc Domage


shows from today
  • We 28.08. from 10:00 Admission free 
  • Th 29.08. from 10:00 Admission free 
  • Fr 30.08. from 10:00 Admission free 
  • Sa 31.08. from 10:00 Admission free