Terrain | Boris Charmatz



«Improvisation» unites two individuals whoknowhowtoplaywiththeunexpected. What is more, the dancer Boris Charmatz and the French jazz musician, vocalist and trumpeter Médéric Collignon clearly enjoy their artistic balancing act without a safety net. They venture into unfamiliar grounds oblivious to the risk of falling or chaos−oritscounterpart, harmony. Therein, they are both accomplished masters. Their duet is a highly diversified and hu- morous étude, which shows how much dance there is in music. And viceversa.(esc)

Artistic direction and cast

TanzBoris Charmatz
LivemusikMédéric Collignon (Pocket-Trumpet, Stimme)
LichtFabrice Le Fur


ProduktionTerrain und Musée de la danse
PremiereUrban Connections, Chamarande, 2007

FotoFestival d’Avignon/ de Vos

Terrain | Boris Charmatz

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60 mins.

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Open air and in all weathers

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