McIntosh Jerahuni

L'après-midi d'un faune


Nominated for the ZKB Acknowledgement Prize and the ZKB Audience Prize

«Why do you hide behind a mask?» is a key phrase from McIntosh Jerahuni as well as the leitmotiv of his entire artistic oeuvre of this mult-talented dancer, musician and choreographer. His creative drive is a search for identity: the cultural and the political identity of his country, but also personal sexual identity in a countrywhich approved the prohibition of homosexuality in 2006. His solo is a powerful, fierce statement to rip off the white mask, to cast off the folkloric clothing and to show yourself for who you are. (esc)

Artistic direction and cast

Choreografie, Regie, PerformanceMclntosh Jerahuni
MusikLeonard Bernstein, Greg Haines, Murcof, Peter Broderick
StimmenRobert Mugabe, Donald Trump, Barrack Obama
KostümeMclntosh Jerahuni


UnterstützungCompany Nora Chipaumire
PremiereJerahuni Movement Factory, Harare, 2016

FotoChristo Doherty

Rote Fabrik, Fabriktheater

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Short Piece


30 mins.


Shona, English

An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair


The shows of the Short Pieces at the Theater Spektakel are generously supported by the Max Kohler Stiftung


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