Ira Melkonyan & The Rubberbodies Collective

Upstairs Geology 50/50

Netherlands  / Ukraine

Nominated for the ZKB Acknowledgement Prize and the ZKB Audience Prize

The performance artist Ira Melkonyan, a graduate microbiologist, takes a scientific view of the world. Protagonists of the universes she creates in her performative installations are not humans but liquids with a fascinating life of their own. They drip and splatter from bags, ooze out of pumps, gurgle in tubes or crawl like viscous lava over sloping surfaces. The liquids react to light, air and temperature. Sometimes gradually, sometimes torrentially, they change and  their surrounding world changes with them. And mankind turns out to be no more than a peripheral phenomenon. (esc)

Artistic direction and cast

Konzept & KreationIra Melkonyan
PerformanceJimmy Grima, Dominykas Savickas, Irene Sorozabal Moreno (Gesang)
Mitarbeit Kreation, Produktionsdesign & BeratungJimmy Grima
Architektonische Entwicklung & DesignDominykas Savickas
Künstlerische BeratungIsobel Dryburgh
Dramaturgische BeratungMaria Rössler
MusikAusschnitte aus «Ordo Virtutum» von Hildegard von Bingen


UnterstützungDAS Theatre, Amsterdam
PremiereDAS Theatre, Amsterdam
FotoThomas Lenden

Rote Fabrik, Shedhalle

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Performance & Installation

Short Piece


30 mins.



An inclusive event

accessible with wheelchair

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Open from 22 to 22:30 hrs, Fri/ Sat also from 16 to 18:30 hrs, admission free


The shows of the Short Pieces at the Theater Spektakel are generously supported by the Max Kohler Stiftung



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